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Jason didn't kill kids because he don't blame them for what happened to him and his mother. His mother didn't kill kids only adults and now Jason follows her footsteps killing adults that come into the area. An Adult killed his mother and he saw it and vowed revenge on every adult he came across. He would never kill a child. IN Part 9 Jason only goes after the Stephen and Jessica and didn't want to harm the baby.

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Q: Why didn't Jason voorhees kill kids?
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What is Jason Voorhees?

There is no "real" story of Jason Voorhees, since he is a fictional character. He does not exist, and has never existed, except in people's imagination. The FICTIONAL story of Jason Voorhees is as follows: Jason was an ugly looking child who was born on Friday the 13th. His mother was a cook at Camp Crystal Lake. Jason was teased by other children at the camp and pushed into the lake where he drowned. His mother went nuts and started killing people every Friday the 13th at the camp, but she was killed by a young girl in self-defence. Jason the young boy who rose from the dead saw his mother being killed by the girl. And then Jason lived in the woods, eating animals. He killed a girl for the first time one Friday the 13th. Since Jason was bullied as a child, the only person he trusted was his mother. So after she was killed, Jason lived alone in the woods, killing anyone he didn't trust.

Who wins Jason voorhees or Michael Myers?

They are both tough guys, but Jason is an immortal zombie and Michael Myers is just a tough guy Michaels that can't die so probably a tie. I think Jason would win mostly because he has a longer weapon and has killed more people. Any true horror fan knows that Myers would beat Voorhees's behind without any effort. think plain and simple, Hell already has Jason, while Myers is too powerful for hell, watch Halloween 5 it states that Myers evilness is too much for even Hell. Also, weapons don't matter. Myers can grab a machete and start killing with it but he don't need it because unlike Jason, Myers can look good with a small knife.

Did Eminem kill proof?

No, Proof didnt

What sound goes out when Jason is about to kill someone?

When Jason Is shown it sound like chu chu chu haha

Can anyone kill Michel Myers?

yeah Jason remember that hoe

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Who did Jason voorhees kill first?

it depends.

How many people did Jason Voorhees kill in the first Friday the 13th?

"Jason's body count is around 129." Jason's body count is more like 172 when you count every on screen kill from every movie he has appeared in. This does not count Friday the 13th part 1 ( original), Friday the 13th part 5 ( roy was the actual killer) or the Rob Zombie remakes

Is Jason Voorhees in prison?

Jason Voorees is a fictional character. As a character I presume he is presently residing at the bottom of a lake, waiting to kill again.

Does Jason voorhees talk?

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma (Kill Kill Kill Ma Ma Ma)

Is Jason voorhees human?

No, In Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives he becomes a zombie. Jason is only human in part 1, 2, 3 and 4. But he doesn't kill children or animals, mostly adults but if children get in his way to much then he kills them.

How old was Jason voorhees when his mom died?

Short Answer: Alice Hardy Long Answer: After the death of her son Jason in 1957, Pamela Voorhees (Jason's Mom) returned a year later to kill the counselors who she thought were responsible for his drowning. When the camp opened up again in 1980, Mrs. Voorhees returned, and killed all the counselors, except for one. Alice Hardy, who took Mrs. Voorhees' own machete, and cut her head off.

Who Could Jason Voorhees kill faster Hulk Iron man or wolverine?

NONE.Because they are all stronger and better than him and + they are superheroes

Did Jason Voorhees kill his children?

He doesn't have any children. He died when he was like, 8, 9, or 10 years old. After that he became an undead, inhuman monster.

How did Jason Voorhees become a killer?

He is mad at the bully who pushed him in the water and then Jason Voorhees died his mother told him that kids were being really bad so Jason Voorhees listened to his mom and now Jason Voorhees kills anybody now................... if you watch the movie you will get more info about Jason becoming a killer!

What has Jason voorhees not use to kill a person with?

Jason Voorhees is a man of many weapons. When he kills people, he usually uses knives or machetes. But, he'll also use anything to get the job done, such as chains, arrows, axes, screwdrivers, hammers, electricity, etc. But what he doesn't use is guns. The closest thing he's used to a gun was a harpoon gun, and that dosen't really count.

How did Freddy meet Jason?

As freddy was in hell Freddy disguised himself as Jason's mom but Jason's "mom" told him to kill all the kids in Springfield.

What is the legend of Jason voorhees?

back in 1957,there was a 11 year old boy that swimmed at Camp Crystal Lake with her mother. one day,everyone gathered up to go swimming in the lake,The kids bullied Jason and tortured him. Lately,they pushed poor little Jason in the water which came too far,and he couldn't swim because it was too deep. as soon as it happened,it was already too late. Now in 1980,Pamela Voorhees(her mother) takes on her revenge and kill all of the innocent people that enslaved him.Pamela was then beheaded with her own machete. now,in 1981,the legend said that Jason never drowned in that lake and was actually surviving,he then found his mother's head decipated on the side and now,little Jason feels very sad.he's couldn't take this time,Jason wants to kill all the people that stand in his way and everyone he can find to avenge his mother,it was now preferred to "Camp Blood."