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The reason they pushed her is because there was a girl named Nicole, and she was jealous of Carmen so she acted nice to Carmen during a fire drill , and Nicole said " I can't here you. Why don't we talk by the construction cones?" And without thinking Carmen said "Okay." When Nicole got her over there she pushed her and said "That's what you get Carmen!!!!" As she was screaming and falling she tried to grab the latter but she broke her neck on it and her face got ripped off. And when the school found out she was dead down there Nicole blamed her friend Stacy. A few moths later Nicole killed her self from the guilt. Stacy was questioned about Carmen and Nicole's deaths, and she showed the police a recording of Nicole yelling "that's what you get Carmen!!!!" And so everyone found out who really knew who killed Carmen Winstead.

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Q: Why did they push camren winstead down a sewer?
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