Why did they call Michael Jackson smelly?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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When he was younger he didn't swear/curse he said smelly instead, so Quincy Jones started calling him smelly, also when he heard a really good beat or song he would refer to it as smelly jelly.

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I read somewhere that when he was performing he smelled a bit like baby powder, off stage he liked to wear Bal à Versailles he also liked Obsession, Joop, and Black Orchid (all smell lovely), everyone who came into contact with him said he smelled great.

One of his dancers (Timor) said Michael's smell was always very strong and one time Michael was standing behind him and said "Michael i know your behind me cause I smell you" he turned around and indeed Michael was standing there.

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Q: Why did they call Michael Jackson smelly?
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He called him Smelly because Michael once used that word instead of swearing and because if he liked a beat or piece of music he would call it smelly jelly instead of saying it's funky.

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