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the fire on top of the mountain was out. Jack had taken the boys who were supposed to be keeping the fire alight away to hunt, meaning the fire was unattended and there was no smoke for a ship to see and hence the boys be rescued

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Because the signal fire on top of the mountain had been allowed to go out by Jack's hunters, who had gone off to hunt for pigs.

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the signal fire was out

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Q: Why did the ship fail to see the boys?
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Why is Ralph so upset the boys let the fire go out?

The fire is the boys' only hope of rescue from the island. When the boys go hunting and instead of minding the fire as Ralph instructed them to do, a ship passes by the island. Had the fire been lit, the people on the ship may have seen the signal and rescued the boys. This is why Ralph is angry; the other boys' disobediance ruined his chance of escaping the island.

Why does the boys plan for rescue fail in Lord of the Flies?

The boys only had one plan for rescue, which was to keep a signal fire burning on the mountain top. Jack made the offer that his "hunters" would accept the responsibility of keeping the fire lit. Unfortunately, on the day that Ralph spotted a passing ship, Jack had decided that he need all of his hunters to effectively hunt a pig. As a result the fire was left untended and it went out. The ship passed by and the boys remained unrescued.

How does Ralph plan to attract attention to the island?

Ralph suggests a signal fire, which the boys light on the top of the mountain. The intention is to add green branches to produce smoke to attract the attention of any ship or plane which they might see.

Why is it ironic that jack uses fire to capture Ralph?

it is ironic that Jack used fire to capture Ralph becuase be was trying to find Ralph, which he did. Also the fire caused a ship to come to the idland because they saw the jungle on fire. With the ship stopping at the island and an officer coming on the beach, saved Ralph who was coming so close to a violent death. The officer also stopped the other boys from continuing on to kill Ralph. The ship saves Ralph and alll of the remaining boys. Seeing an adult and being saved, makes all of the boys emotional.

What does Ralph plan to do to help the boys get rescued in lord of the flies?

Ralph insists that a signal fire must be made so that when his father comes to rescue them on a ship, the men on board will see the smoke and know where to find them. Also, burning things is fun.

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Why does the boy's plan rescue fail in lord of the flies?

Jack lets the fire go out so when the ship comes pat no one got rescues because the ship could not see the fire.

Why did the boys build a fire on the mountain in Lord of the flies?

Ralph said that a ship could see the smoke from up there and rescue them.

What happened when the boys saw the smoke of the ship in Lord of the Flies?

The boys looked for their own smoke to signal the ship but it had gone out.

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Why can't the boys able to signal the ship that passes by?

The boys couldn't signal the passing ship because the ship was too far away for them to see or be seen, or the signal they attempted to use was not effective in attracting the ship's attention. Additionally, environmental conditions such as weather or obstacles may have hindered their efforts to signal the ship.

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What is spotted while the boys are swimming?

Ralph spotted a faint plume of smoke, from the funnel of a ship out at sea, on the horizon.

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