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Looks to me like it was a big budget production: Large landscapes. Full-scale town mock-ups. A variety of shooting locations - at a glance (I'm only going off second season, here) none of the locations were used twice except the locations within the town. Costumes looked authentic. The cast was quite extensive, with a seeming fairly large number of extras and guest actors - and some of those guest actors are recognizeable which suggests to me they weren't skimping on no-name guest performers but hiring well-known performers.

So they would've needed the viewer numbers and advertising revenue to justify such an expensive series.

Alternatively the network can show a reality tv show like "When caterpillars wiggle like an angry beaver" and if people are bored or stoned enough enough, pull similar ratings for the price of stock footage of ringworms dipped in green paint...and we all know how freely available and cheap footage of green ringworms is!

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I only understood half of the answer.

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Q: Why did the Magnificent Seven TV Series Get Cancelled?
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