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Cause she loves him and wants him to notice her.

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Q: Why did sandy kick spongebob's butt in the episode the great snail race?
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Who is garry the snail?

Garry The Snail Is Spongebobs Square Pants pet snail.

What was spongebobs second pet name?

Spongebob doesn't have a pet worm at all. He had it for one episode, because Patrick owned Spongebob's pet snail for that episode.The pet worm was named Rex.The snail's name was Gary.I love the shows and movie of spongebob squarepants! I am in the spongebob fan club. I'm SANDY! My friend Katie is Gary. My friend Jack is spongebob. My friend Phil in Mr. Krabs. My friend Cece I Ms.Puff. More of my friends are the rest but I can not name them all! :)

What is spongebobs favorite animal?

It isn't mentioned on the show but it would probably be Gary, his pet snail.

Where is Gary's snail food on SpongeBobs big adventure?

you have to fight plankton then it's in front of spongebob's house.

What happens in town in SpongeBobs big adventures?

they go on an adventure to an far away island <--------- not true :3 you beat plankton and then take the snail food :) and then you have to wait for the premiere of spongebobs frozen face off they will unlock more then x3

Sandy do you have any hot dogs SpongeBob no I have a snail What does this joke mean?

This is not considered a joke. This is talk between Spongbob and Sandy.

In the episode Dumped where Sponge bob gets a new snail what is the grouchy one he gets?

larry the snail.

Why is there a snail in every blues clues episode?

There is a Snail because they want to make kids see if they can spot it. There is one episode in which one of the snails is pointed out which is in the Season 1 Episode Magenta Comes Over There are usually 3 or 4 snails in every Blue's Clues episode.

When was The Last Great Snail Chase created?

The Last Great Snail Chase was created in 2007.

What does squiward name his snail he buys from the great snail race?


What is SpongeBobs pets name?

Gary the snail. He is sponge bobs pet. He has been in many episodes. Also he doesn't like Squid ward. His favorite babysitter is Patrick

Where can you see the 2008 Luxury Snail Commercial starring Mung Daal?

I don't know that but, there is a Chowder episode called "The snail car" where Mung Daal get's a new snail car.