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Because he cheated and she was dramatic way to dramatic actually

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Q: Why did ryan ross and keltie colleen break up?
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Who is Ryan ross' girlfriend?

i think it's keltie colleen still.

Who is Ryan ross' ex?

Keltie Colleen

How did Ryan ross and keltie colleen meet?

I believe Ryan Ross and Keltie met at a rehersal during the 2006 VMA's.

How long have Ryan Ross and Keltie Colleen been dating?

2 years as of August 31st, 2008. Keltie stated this on her myspace!

Who is Keltie Colleen?

Keltie Colleen is a dancer who resides in Canada. She is well-known not only for being a Radio City Rockette, but also for dating Panic At The Disco's Ryan Ross.

Did Keltie cheat on Ryan Ross?

No, Ryan Cheated on Keltie.

Who is that monkey Ryan Ross is referring to in their thanks-list?

"Monkey" from the liner notes of Pretty. Odd. is referring to Ryan's ex-girlfriend Keltie Colleen who was (is?) a dancer.

Who did Ryan ross cheat on?

His ex-girlfriend Keltie Colleen. They broke up the day after Valentine's Day in 2009. (It was madness in bandom too.)

Is Ryan ross bi?

no he is not bi and he broke up with that skank keltie collen

Who was Ryan Ross latest girlfriend?

Ryan at the moment is dating who ever he cheated on keltie with, not sure her name though.

Why did Ryan ross and keltie split up?

Keltie said on her blog that Ryan cheated on her. The morning after Valentine's Day, Keltie picked up Ryan's phone to find a message from someone else wishing him a Happy Valentine's Day and she broke up with him. Years later, she's yet to get over him (if her blog is any evidence.)

What actors and actresses appeared in Break Out - 2011?

The cast of Break Out - 2011 includes: Christopher Clare as Ryan Clip Keltie Duncan as Rita

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