Why did lil Wayne have a gun?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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He recently stated "It's not that I was going to use that gun on nobody...but people's gotta be careful, know what'a mean?"

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He accidentally shot himself when he was a child while playing with the gun.

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Q: Why did lil Wayne have a gun?
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Does Lil Wayne have a gun?


Did Lil Wayne Die From A Gun Fight?

No he did not

Why is lil Wayne in jail for?

he had gun possession

Why lil Wayne in jail?

Illegal possession of a gun.

What proof do have on Lil Wayne to go to jail?

A Gun, (:

Why was Lil Wayne carrying a gun?

to protect himself

Is lil Wayne better than machine gun kelly?

i personaly think mgk is very good and so is lil wayne but if i had 2 pick id say mgk but lil wayne has more experiance

Did lil Wayne go to jail for drugs or guns?

Gun possession

Why was Lil Wayne locked up?

Because he had drugs in his car and a gun

What Lil Wayne song starts with a lighter flick?

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Why should Lil Wayne go to jail?

loaded gun on his tour bus

How did lil Wayne shoot hisself?

He was playing with his moms gun when she was gone. D;