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for looking sexy and gorgeous

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Q: Why did lady gaga wear a lobster on her head?
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Does Lady Gaga wear a wig on stage?

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What is Lady Gaga's WEAR?

she is so ugly

Does Lady Gaga wear a mask?


Would Lady Gaga wear a tutu?

Lady Gaga has wore a tutu in her marry the night music video.

What kind of clothes did Lady Gaga wear to school?

Lady GaGa wore uniforms and navy blue sweaters

How is Lady Gaga brave?

Lady gaga is brave because she can wear whatever she wants to and not care what people say.

Is Lady Gaga had a skinhead?

no lady gaga has not got a skinhead and never has she as a bob cut and usually wear's hair extensions.

Does Lady Gaga wear Low-Crotch Capri Pants?

yes Lady Gaga does wearLow-Crotch Capri Pants

Does Lady Gaga wear a wig in her videos?


Does lady gaga wear weave and wigs?


Why does Lady GaGa wear crazy fashions?

to be unique

What did Lady Gaga wear to the Brits?

a wedding dress