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Because of his bills

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Q: Why did jerry lundegaard need money?
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When did Teis Lundegaard die?

Teis Lundegaard died in 1856.

When was Teis Lundegaard born?

Teis Lundegaard was born in 1774.

What was the first line of the movie Fargo?

The first line of the movie is spoken by William H. Macy's character: "I'm, uh, Jerry Lundegaard."

What is the central conflict in the story Fargo?

The central conflict in "Fargo" revolves around the bungled kidnapping scheme orchestrated by Jerry Lundegaard, which spirals out of control and leads to a series of violent and unexpected events. As characters navigate deception, greed, and incompetence, the clash between their motivations and the consequences of their actions drives the narrative forward.

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Who was in the film Fargo?

"Fargo" stars William H. Macy as Jerry Lundegaard, a man who has planned his wife's (played by Kristin Rudrud) kidnapping for the ransom money. The two men hired to take her are Carl, played by Steve Buscemi, and Gaear, played by Peter Stormare. Frances McDormand plays Police Chief Marge Gunderson who is investigating the shooting deaths of two motorists. McDormand won the 1997 Academy Award for 'Best Actress in a Leading Role' for her performance.