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she said on her video ustream that is is cayass and a lot of drama and she didnt like working with them and she also said i didnt like being there. she said she wants to act now not sing and act. she said she is still in school gyrls until Nick Cannon can get a replacement if not by 2011 January then she must be in it till they get a replacement

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Q: Why did jacque leave school gyrls?
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Did Mandy and jacque leave the school gyrls?

YEaThey left to have their own solo careers :/

Why did Jacque Pyles leave School Gyrls?

it was her own choice, its sad ( i miss her too!!) but dont hate on them

How old is jacque from the school gyrls?

Jacque Nimble, a member of the group School Gyrls, was born on September 14, 1995, so he is currently 26 years old.

Did jacque quite school gyrls?

Yes she did. She posted it online. :(

Where did jacque Rae pyles post that she quiet school gyrls at?

on her twitter

What are the girls names in the movie school gyrls?

Mandy, Monica, Jacque & Barbie! But its almost only , Mandy, Monica & Jacque ;)

Did Mandy leave the school girls?

Jacque Pyles and Mandy Rain left School Gyrls to pursue solo careers. Brittany Oaks and Natalie Aguero were added to the group.

Did Mandy rain quit the school gyrls?

no jacque is the one that left the school girls it says why on the ustream

Who plays Jackie in School gyrls?

It's Jacque.Her real name is Jacque Rae Plyes

What are the school gyrls real names?

Mo Money- Monica Anne Parales Mandy Rain- Mandy Moseley Jacque Nimble- Jacque Pyles

Who is Jaque Pyles?

Jacque Pyles a.k.a "Jaque Rae" is 1/5 of the American pop trio School Gyrls.

Who more talent in the school gyrls?

They all are talent but i like jacque the most out of all mandy= is a very good singer monica= is a very good dancer jacque= is very good at both she can sing and dance