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Dinah Shore did not know she had any black blood. George Montgomery was a racist or did not believe Dinah's story. I personally rem ember he left as quickly as possible not caring about his child nor Dinah. Dinah was shattered.

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Q: Why did george Montgomery divorce dinah shore?
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Did Montgomery Clift every marry?

No they did not date. Any answers that include montgomery clift in connection with dinah shore are mistaking him with george montgomery who was married to dinah shore for twenty years and had one daughter and adopted another. It was never montgomery clift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was Dinah Shore of coloured decent?

No, Dinah Shore did not have African American ancestry. She was born to Solomon and Anna Stein Shore, Jewish immigrants from Russia. She was married to George Montgomery and had a daughter named Melissa Ann (known today as Melissa Montgomer). The rumor that she had a black grandmother or a black baby was never authenticated.

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Dinah Shore was not a lesbian. Shore dated a number of men and was married to actor George Montgomery from 1943 to 1962. She had one daughter and an adopted son.

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