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because they don' like each other more

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Q: Why did divorce Mario cimarro and natalia streignard?
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Why did natalia streignard divorce cimarro Mario?

mario cheated on her

Who is Mario cimarro's real wife?

Yes, his wife is natalia streignard.

Who is Mario cimarros wife?

Natalia Streignard is Mario Cimmaros ex wife. they married in 1999 and divorced in 2006. They have a child together.

How tall is Mario Cimarro?

Mario Cimarro's birth name is Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz.

What is Mario Cimarro's birthday?

Mario Cimarro was born on June 1, 1971.

When was Mario Cimarro born?

Mario Cimarro was born on June 1, 1971.

Are sausages best friends of Mario cimarro?

of course they are smartie pants!!!!!!! to know more about Mario cimarro and sausages go question Mario cimarro just friends?

How old is Mario Cimarro?

Mario Cimarro is 46 years old (birthdate: June 1, 1971).

Height of Mario cimarro?

6' 1''.

Does Mario cimarro kissed georgian?

yes he did?

Is Mario cimarro now alone?

Mario Cimarro is currently in a serious relationship with Vanessa Villela. They have been together for nearly six years now.

How many children does Mario cimarro have?