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From what I gather from different interviews with Chris Cornell, he got divorced from Susan Silver because they had changed, they grew apart. Just like a lot of relationships, sometimes when your younger you don't know who you are and when you get older, you figure it out.

Chris had battled addiction and depression for quite some time and especially after the break up of Soundgarden and it was around the time he started working with Audioslave, later 2002 that helped him through a lot of his addiction and relationship issues. His work with the band helped keep him clean and sober and he had thanked them in public and acknowledged they saved his life. He had entered treatment for two months when the band first got together, this was also quite a few months after Layne Staley had died and I think that added to his desire for a needed change in his life and recognizing his own problems and demons Then when he became sober it changed his relationship with Susan. There were bad feelings over money that was mismanaged and I am sure things the public do not know about, but I know their relationship changed and I think it lasted because of his distraction with alcohol and depression and it was not a healthy relationship for Chris after this.

Susan and Chris were separated when Chris went on tour with Audioslave and they were in Paris at the time and this is when he met his current wife Vicky.

I guess some people bring the best out in you and some don't and that can contribute to your personal happiness.

I know Chris truly seems happy and content in his life, that is great when anyone can find that in their lives, hopefully he and Susan can put their differences aside for the sake of the children involved, both his and Vicky's and his child Lillian Rose with Susan, as it seems she has not gotten over it and feels abandoned and angry still. It was sad to hear about Chris and Susan as they seemed like the coolest rock couple besides Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen, I guess when it comes to addiction and youth, never a good combination to bring to the table for a relationship.

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Q: Why did chris cornell susan silver divorce?
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