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I won't name the author of the article for legal reasons, but I know which article you are referring to. The errors in this article are many, starting with the fact that in 1993, Robert Palmer was still married to and living with Susan Palmer, his wife. They did not divorce until 1999. The model on the cover of Honey is the beautiful Anika Bengstrom of Wihlamena Models. The picture was taken in January of 1994. The author has Mary meeting Robert Palmer in 1983. According to Mary Ambrose's mother and brother, Mary was six years old in 1983. Mary Ambrose actually met Robert Palmer in late 1995. Honey was released in early 1994. According to Robert Palmer's publicist from the mid-nineties, Suzanne Parks, Robert Palmer never gave any interview to this author in 1994, only one in 1991, the result of which Palmer was not particularly fond of. He did not care for this authors writing style and failed to grant him any further interviews. In addition to the obvious factual errors, the article did not appear until ten days after Robert Palmer's death. A close friend of Mary Ambrose who had had a falling out with her told a Palmer friend that a married wealthy patron of Mary Ambrose bragged while drinking that he had paid the author to post the bogus article as a favor to Mary Ambrose, who was anxious that her name should appear in print vis-a-vis a relationship with Robert Palmer. He said that Mary Ambrose was more than grateful for this favor. And the rest, as they say is history. The article appeared, proudly pointed out by Mary Ambrose to anyone who would talk to her. Other musicians noted more holes than Swiss cheese in this man's story. Many of them knew that Geraldine Edwards was Robert Palmer's girlfriend, not Mary Ambrose. They proceeded to decline his attempts to interview them. His credibility was destroyed in these individuals perview. Finally, this author was a friend of Mary Ambrose's, she had met him at a party she had attended with Mick Carter, and he had tried to use Ambrose to get to Palmer for a second interview. They were unsuccessful in that regard. As one Palmer friend said regarding this issue, money talks.

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Q: Why did a Canadian writer post an article stating that Robert Palmer was living with Mary Ambrose in 1993 and that she was the model on the cover of Honey That info is not correct What happened there?
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