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The truth is he hated Gaara because Gaara's sealing process with the Shukaku made Yashamaru's older sister Karura die. When Gaara's own father (Fourth Kazekage) asked Yashamaru to kill Gaara, Yashamaru accepted to avenge his sister. His assasination failed, and costed him his life. (Yashamaru used paper bombs wrapped around his body and Gaara survived using his sand.) Yashamaru told Gaara right before his death to please die. Because of this experience, Gaara became more of an emotional wreck and would kill anyone to prove his existence. He got over this after Naruto defeated him since Naruto had experienced the very same pain Gaara experienced through life.

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Q: Why did Yashamaru attack Gaara?
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What is the name of the man who tried to kill Gaara when he was a kid?

Gaara's uncle Yashamaru.

Who is Gaara related to by blood?

his sister, Temari his brother, Kankuro his mom, Karura his dad, the Fourth Kazekage and his uncle Yashamaru.

What is that symbol on Gaara's head?

The symbol on Gaara's head means love. People used to think of him as a monster like Naruto used to be. In Japan the symbol means love as well. It showed up when Gaara was about 6 years old after someone tried to kill him. The person who tried to kill him was someone he trusted. He was crying and then all of a sudden he screamed and Gaara's sand formed the symbol.

Does Garra hurt Sakura?

Yes he does,in the Forrest of death while Gaara was trying to attack Sasuke Sakura jumped in frount of Gaara to pertect Sasuke but Gaara pined her to a tree with his sand to keep her out of his way.

Why does Gaara suck yashamaru's finger?

i don't know if this is good enough but maybe he thought that's what he was suposed to do because he might have seen someone hurt there finger then put it in there mouth so he though that's what he should do

Who is stonger Gaara or Mewtwo?


What is Gaara's surname Not Sabaku no Gaara?

It is unknown. Sabaku no Gaara is his only name we know of. His surname isn't revealed. I don't think Gaara has another name besides Sabaku No Gaara but that's just my opinion. Yes, Gaara has no last name. Neither does Kankuro or Temari, seeing as they are brothers and sister. I do not believe TenTen has a last name either. Gaara only goes by Sabaku no Gaara, meaning Gaara of the Desert or Gaara of the Sand. Many people (now) call him Gaara-sama when he is Kazekage.

Who is stronger garra or Shikamaru?

Ninjutsu: Gaara Taijutsu: same Genjutsu: gaara smartness: shikamaru speed: gaara stamina: gaara So basically Gaara would thrash shikamaru in a fight.

When was Gaara created?

Gaara was created in 2000.

Does Matsuri love Gaara?

I don't know.But i think she loves him(GAARA).It's because i can see her love for Gaara in her eyes.(cute ... Isn't it?)

Does Gaara get killed by deidara?

No, gaara is not killed by deidara. They had a brief battle, but gaara was merely trying to defend the village, and not really attack, hoping he would flee. When gaara noticed that deidara was trying to capture gaara, and gaara alone, instead of going all out and killing deidara, as he easily couldve, he defends the village from his ultimate,and willingly lets himself be captured. You see, since gaara killed so many people when he was young and was filled with so much hatred, now, he cares about the village, and since he is the kazekage, he cares even more, hell gladly let them take his life in spare of his own. He gets killed when the extract the one tails from him, but is ultimately revived, as chiyo sacrifices herself for him. :3

What happens to Gaara?

Gaara died after having his Shikoku sucked out of him. After Naruto and the others retrived Gaara, Lady Chiyo then revived gaara. It is unknown if gaara still has the same skill as when he had the Shikoku. But it will soon be found out what his skills are after he is revived.