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what is the undertakers real name did Sarah and the undertaker get a divorce and why and does he still have her name tatoo under his neck.

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Q: Why did Sarah and the undertaker divorcedoes he still have her name under his neck what is the undertakers real Sarah and the undertaker have kids.?
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Who is undertaker girlfreind?

sarah is undertakers wife

Who is the undertakers girlfirend?

Yes hes got a wife named sarah.

WHAT DOES The undertaker's sarr tattoo ON HIS NECK stand for?

its Sarah a it's his wife's name

Is the undertaker still married to Sarah?

No, they are divorced and he is now married to Michelle McCool.

Is WWE's the undertaker still married to sara?

Sarah is his daughter dude, not his wife

What are facts about the undertaker?

The undertaker started his carer in 1990 he wrestled in a different company and his name in the company was mean murry in 1984. He started in wcw in wwf hes frist match was at wrestlemania 6 against mankind in a buried alive match he won he was in 21 wrestlemanias he started the steark he is (21-o) he is married to Kelly Kelly her real name is sarah the undertakers real name is mark callaway he has chidren that want to be wrestlers the undertaker is 48 years old by Lyle Wimmer age 9

Why did the undertaker cover his tattoo with makeup?

Because he split up with his former wife Sarah and is now with Michele McCool.

Is undertaker single again?

Yes. He is divorced from his wife Sarah He used to have her named tattooed across his neck and now it is gone.

Is Sarah still married with the undertaker?

No they are divorced and Taker is dating Michelle McCool yep yep September 8, 2008 Sara and Taker are no longer married and is dating Michelle McCool.

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