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They never got divorced, Dan cheated on Roseanne (the girl, not the show) with a nurse in California so he leaves the house for a while then comes back when Darlene has the baby then dies of a heart attack after Darlene's wedding.

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Q: Why did Roseanne and Dan get divorced?
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Was dan dead on the last episode of roseanne?


Did Dan die in the final season of Roseanne?

It is revealed in the last episode, that yes, he did.

Did Dan Conner die on the TV show Roseanne?

It was revealed in the final episode of the show, that Dan had actually died from his heart attack and Roseanne had written all of the shows of the final season as stories, however in late April 2017, it was announced there will be an eight episode revival of Roseanne w/ John Goodman included so perhaps the final-season-was-all-a-story will be ignored. Time will tell.

Did Dan Conner die on Roseanne?

yes, dan did die, though it wasn't revealed until the last show in the last season dan has a heart attack at darlene and david's wedding, but he pulls through. then after they win the lottery he goes off to California to get his mother better help (she is crazy). when he comes back it is revealed that he had an emotional affair (not a physical affair). He and Roseanne almost divorce. but then darlene's baby girl almost dies and the family rallies around her, bringing dan and roseanne back together. then on the series finale, we find out that the whole show has been a story about their life that roseanne is writing, and that she has bended the truth to make it happier. Not only do we find out that it wasn't roseanne's mother bev who was gay, but her sister Jackie, and that the daughters boyfriends were switched around because roseanne felt it was a better match (so darlene wasn't really with david but with mark, and becky wasn't with mark but david) but we also find out that dan had died from the heart attack he suffered at darlene's wedding. she made up him cheating on her because she felt that he had betrayed her by dying, and thought it was comparable to him leaving her for another woman. she then made them get back together during their grand daughters crisis because that was when she finally stopped mourning the death of dan and started living again for her family. Winning the lottery was also fake, and as the show ends, roseanne walks out of the basement (her writing room) and sits on their old couch, in the prelottery living room, without dan.

What happen to the baby roseanne had on the roseanne show?

Roseanne made up thing in her bookj

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