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Jane Goodall suggested Michael write song about rainforest's being cut down and chimps to help raise awareness of their plight, that song turned into Heal the World but he kept his word and later wrote Earth Song but instead of going by the original idea he turned it into a song about how people treat the Earth.

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the world

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Q: Why did Michael Jackson write earth song?
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The Homing Beacon was a tribute song for Michael Jackson.

Where can one listen to the earth song by Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" can be listened to online on the Youtube website and also the lastfm website. Live performances of the song can also be found on the official Michael Jackson webpage.

When was earth song recorded by Michael Jackson?


Did Michael Jackson write the song Black or White?

Yes he did.

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What song did Michael Jackson write in his teens?

Blues Away was the first song Michael wrote that was published. He was 17.

How old was Michael Jackson when Earth Song came out?

He was around 37. Earth Song written in 1995

Did Michael Jackson co write the song scream by usher?

Michael Jackson was dead by the time Usher made scream.

How many songs about the earth does Michael Jackson have?

Two; Heal the World and Earth Song.

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Rod temperton wrote it and Michael produced it and sang it.

What album is Michael Jackson's Earth Song from?

It's from his HIStory album.