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He didn't! May I ask where you got that crazy idea from?

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Q: Why did Michael Jackson wear women's clothes?
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Why did Michael Jackson wear tight clothes?

because in the 80's people wore tight clothes because that was the style back then

What clothes did Michael Jackson wear when he sang?

He always wore loafers. The shirts and pants depended on what song it was.

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Whatever makes you happy!

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What size shoe does Janet Jackson wear?

Janet Jackson wear a size 8 in womens and 6 in men

Does Michael Jackson wear pajamas?


Did Michael Jackson wear boxers?

Yes.Maybe as a teenager, but he probably switched to tighty-whiteys so his clothes would stay on better. That's what I'm betting.

Did Michael Jackson wear penny loafers?


Does Michael Jackson wear white gloves in Thriller?


Did Michael Jackson wear hearing aids?

No he didn't.

What did you wear to a Michael Jackson concert?

Jeans and a shirt.

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