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He has never done anything to his chin. It looks different because people change. He changed. He grew up! **Actually, in his autobiography--Moonwalk(pg 229)--he said that he had a cleft put in his chin.

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Maybe he just wanted one, or because they were seen as a sign of masculinity.

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Yes, in his book Moonwalk he admitted that he had a cleft put into his chin.

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Q: Why did Michael Jackson put a cleft on his chin?
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Why did Michael Jackson get so many surgeries even though he was already handsome to start with?

Michael Jackson claims that he only have done the nose twice and a cleft put in his chin, the reason (i think) is because his father said he was ugly when he was younger.

Where has Michael Jackson had surgeries?

How much money he spent on surgery is private information that only Michael would have known the answer to.

Has Michael Jackson had plastic surgery?

His nose done twice and a cleft put in his chin, that's all he's admitted to he may have had that many and just changed with age or he may have had more. The correct amount is something only him and his surgeon(s) would know, anything else is just speculation.

How many times did Michael Jackson change his face?

Michael only admitted to having a few surgeries; two on his nose and a cleft put in his chin, which could be true ageing and weight loss/gain played a big part in how his face looked at certain points in his life.

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