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He didn't exactly spare him; he tried to kill him but failed.

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Q: Why did Lord Voldemort spare Harry Potter when he killed Harry's parents?
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Who killed Hedwig in Harry Potter?

It was not Voldemort but a unnamed Death Eater during the beginning of the battle/escape from the Dursley's home.

How did Harry Potter get his lightning bolt scar?

Voldemort killed Harry Potter's parents. Before they were murdered, his mother sacrificed and wanted to be killed first when she begged for Harry's life and Voldemort killed them. After killing Harry's parents, Voldemort tried to kill Harry, not realizing love, he did the killing course. Voldemort's course rebounded because of Lily Potter's love and sacrifice for Harry, therefor, Voldemort lost all his powers and Harry only escaped with one scar.

What Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is a fictional character that, when he is a baby, has his parents killed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Voldemort). When he turns 11 a half-giant named Hagrid finds him and tells him he's a wizard. He then ventures to Hogarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and tries his best to defeat the evil Lord Voldemort. I won't reveal the ending - you have to read it!

How did Helena Ravenclaw die in Harry Potter?

Lord Voldemort killed her with the killing curse and fed her body to Nagini.

What are Harry Potter's accomplishments?

Harry Potter: Prevented Voldemort from taking possession of the Philosophers Stone Defeated the Basilisk Saved Sirius Black from going to Azkaban and Saved an innocent Hippogriff Duelled Voldemort deflecting most of his spells and escaping Duelled Voldemort and Most of his Death eaters with the company of some of his school friends and the Order of the Phoenix Destroyed some 1 horcrux with Dumbledore Killed Voldemort Married Ginny and had three kids

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Was Harry and Voldemort the same person?

no you dumb butt harry is the main character and voldemort was the bad guy who killed harrys parents

Did harry and his family lives in Manchester?

No. Harry Potter's parents were killed by Voldemort leaving Harry to live with Lily Potter (Harrys mum) sister and her husband and son. They live at 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging , Surrey.

Did Lord Voldemort give Harry Potter his parents?

Voldemort never actually took Harry's parents; he killed them. so no. he didn't "give them back"

Did Harry Potter's parents die?

Yes. They were killed by Lord Voldemort before the series started.

Why is Harry Potter scared of dementors?

The dementors make him remember of his past when voldemort killed his parents

Who killed Harry Potter's parents in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'?

Lord Voldemort killed Harry Potter's parents. The killing of Harry Potter's parents happens before the main events of the books and was first mentioned in the first book. The plot of the third book explores who was responsible for Voldemort discovering where Lily and James were hiding. It was believed to be Sirius Black until he proved it was Peter Pettigrew. So while Voldemort cast the curse that killed them, Peter was the reason they died.

Did Lord Voldemort kill Harry Potter's parents?

Yes. He killed both of them on the 31st October 1981.

One major event that would be considered a tuning point of Harry Potter?

Voldemort killed his parents.

What is Harry Potter's reason for fighting Lord Voldemort?

dude he killed his parents and he is the "chosen one" havent you read the books?

In Harry Potter who killed Voldemort?

Himself: his own Avada Kevadra killed him.

Which famous literary characters parents were killed by lord Voldemort?

As far as killed by Voldemort personally, Harry Potter appears to be the only one. Though, many other characters parents were killed. For example, Hannah Abbott's mother was killed in her seventh year (she was in the same year as Harry), Neville's parents were tortured into insanity by the Lestranges and Teddy Lupin's parents were killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.

What is the secret on Harry Potters scar?

He got it when he was an infant, by Lord Voldemort, when Lord Voldemort killed harry Potter's parents and tried to kill Harry potter but couldn't. Only left a scar on his forehead. Watch the movie.