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He was sentenced becuae of a gun and marijuana charge back in 2007. The narijuana charge was dropped as the weapon one was not.

He is sentenced to a year, his next court date is arch 2nd, 2o1o. (:

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Q: Why did Lil Wayne get a prison sentence recently?
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When is lil Wayne going to prison?

Lil' Wayne started his prison sentence on February 9, 2010.

Is Lil Wayne out of jail?

NO hes not right now. his one year sentence starts in february

When is lil Wayne going to be released from prison?

lil Wayne will be released from prison Thursday November 4th for good behavior

Is lil Wayne out of jjail?

Yes, He was released today.

Is lil Wayne out of prison?

lilwayne is out

How is Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is spending a year in prison since march 8, 2010.

Is Lil Wayne going to prison?

Yepp. (:

Is Lil Wayne in prison?

Nott yett. /:

Is lil Wayne still in prison?


What rapper from the Click is in prison and why?

Lil Wayne

Can Lil Wayne come to your birthday?

No because he is in prison

Why wasn't Lil Wayne at the bet awards?

He was in Prison