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She had gained throughout the episodes due to.pregnancy and after birth, she had baby weight but gradually lost them

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She got pregnant

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Q: Why did Leah Remini who played Carrie Heffernan in the series King of Queens gain so much weight during the series?
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Why did Carrie on king of queens gain weight?

Carrie's weight gain on "King of Queens" was due to actress Leah Remini gaining weight during the show's run. The weight gain was a personal choice and not dictated by the show.

What season was Leah remini pregnant in?

Leah Remini was pregnant during the 6th season of King of Queens. According to the VH1 documentary Inside Out: Leah Remini the Baby Special, daughter Sofia Bella was born June 16, 2004. So that would mean Leah was pregnant from approximately September 2003 to June 2004. There were 9 seasons of King of Queens, with the series premier in Fall 1998 and the series finale in the spring of 2007. So her pregnancy coincides with the 6th season.

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