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It's about falling in love with someone so deeply that you don't care how they treat you and you'd do anything for them.

It has somthing to do with her father having surgery.

And if somthin happened to him she would never sing again!

Near the end of the song theres a verse saying:

"That'll ill never talk again and ill never love again

ill never write a song, wont even sing along,

ill never love again, so speechless, you left me speechless, so speechless"

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Maby she was just speachless, because she couldn't come up with a good idea!!

i think that she had a boyfriend who she was really in love with and then one day they get together and he tels her that he is moving on or he tells her that he has a new girl friend or he was even just breaking up with her. And then she just sat there Speechless. Years later, she decided that that moment was good enough to writ a song about. I love the song and Lady Gaga.

I bet that guy REALLY wishes he would have stayed with her.

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It was written about her father's Alcoholism. She stated in an interview that her father would call her while drunk, and she wouldn't know to what to say to him. It's written both from her point of view, and the point of view of her mother.

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Lady Gaga wrote Speechless for her dad Joesph.

He was getting heart surgrey

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Q: Why did Lady Ga Ga write speechless?
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