Why did Kerpoof close?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kerpoof was a children's entertainment and educational website produced by Disney Online Kerpoof Studios. According to Disney, the company is shifting its development focus towards mobile-friendly play offerings as opposed to servers like Kerpoof.

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Q: Why did Kerpoof close?
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What are all the kerpoof cheat codes?

I do not know ALL of the kerpoof cheat codes, but I do know 2.XYZZYH200Kkl

How do you make a teacher account on kerpoof?

Thank you for your interest in Kerpoof. To sign up for a teacher account, first sign up for a Kerpoof account by following the prompts on the Login menu. After you have created this account, proceed to the Teacher Accounts page and type in your Kerpoof nickname and password to apply for a Teacher Account.

What are the kerpoof cheat codes?


Do you have a kerpoof group i could join?


What is money cheat for kerpoof?

press XYZZY

How do you go to the activity page on kerpoof?


How do you do kerpoof cheats?

There are many kerpoof secrets such as when you are on make a drawing press shift on sertain colors and tada you have neon colors. That's just one trick from kerpoof it's self but here are some personal tips and tricks. When you're on make a drawing relax you're hand and just have fun. ( Tip: become a member for free and use "Kerpoof Coins " to buy pens and backgrounds and other stuff a well.) thanks for reading! P.S. this is all coming from a kerpoof member

How do you use kerpoof cheats and codes to get money?

you do drawings

Do you have to pay for kerpoof to be a member?

Anyone can sign up for a free Kerpoof account. This gives you access to all of the activities on Kerpoof, and also lets you save your work and share with the community.You could also sign up on Kerpoof as a member, which does involve payment. Membership benefits allow you to unlock new characters, props and avatar accessories, and to form groups with your real-life friends.Rates for membership are:1 Month - $4.396 Months - $24.791 Year - $44.79

What are some cheats for kerpoof?

In Kerpoof, in the make a drawing pick the beach scene. Pica a pirate then type in their space bubble, ''Where is the tugboat?'' and a secret tugboat appears and you get extra coins. Ta da

How do you get extra coins in kerpoof?

type in XYZZY on the activity selection menu!

How do you delete things on kerpoof?

First login to your Kerpoof account. Next click on the bag icon in the top right corner next to your avatar. Click and drag the artwork you wish to delete over the trash can icon.