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They were all drunk and were focusing on a pig rather than her, so katniss shot the arrow at the apple in the pig's mouth.

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Q: Why did Katniss shoot her bow and arrow toward the gamemaker table?
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What does katniss believe will be the consequences of her actions at the private audition with the game makers?

1. Katniss believes that the consequences for her actions might be arresting her, executing her, cutting her tongue turning her into an avox. Katniss thinks to her self that she wasn't trying to kill them she was just angry that they were ignoring her, if she was trying to kill them they'd be dead.

What is a stalemate in The Hunger Games?

if katniss shoots cato to kill him, cato will take peeta with him into the mutts below. in response to this, peeta has katniss shoot cato's hand. You might be talking about why Cato hates Katniss if so its because Katniss and Peeta took the croward away from them when they road in on their charriots at the begining when Katniss gets her name "The girl on fire"

How did cato from The Hunger Games die?

Cato had a long and painful death. When he came through the forest and running at the Cornucopia, Katniss attempted to shoot him with an arrow but hit his body protector. Then the dangerous muttation wolves came and Cato scaled the Cornucopia. Each one had the traits of a dead tribute. Such as Glimmer's mutt, it had blonde hair and her sea green eyes. Katniss pushed Cato off and into the pack who nibbled him to a chunk of meat. Katniss and Peeta returned to their cave expecting him to die but when the muttations left Katniss had to shoot her final arrow at Cato and plunged it into his head

Does Katniss shoot a turkey during her private session of the Hunger Games?

the hunger games

Where does Katniss shoot Cato in The Hunger Games?

In the book she shoots him in the skull but in the movie she shoots his chest

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What physical skill does Katniss Everdeen have?

She can shoot very good with her bow and arrows.

Why does Katniss shoot the apple out of the pig's mouth in the Gamemaker's booth?

Katniss shoots the apple out of the pigs mouth because during her training, when she was showing the gamemakers her skills they weren't paying attention. At first they were, but when she shot her arrow the first time she missed, and the gamemakers stopped payng attention. The second time she hit the target right in the center but nobody was watching. The third time, she shoots the apple to show that she has accuracy when shooting the bow, and to get the gamemaker's attention, although she was also risking the chance of the gamamakers being mad at her for almost killing one of them.

What hunting techniques do Katniss use in The Hunger Games?

Katniss can shoot with a bow and arrow, hunt, and throw knives. She also heals Peeta in the first book

Do you fire or shoot an arrow?

you shoot and arrow because if you notice you fire a gun it involves fire comming from gun powder. there is no fire when you shoot an arrow

When was Shoot a Crooked Arrow created?

Shoot a Crooked Arrow was created on 1966-09-07.

What was Katniss like at the beginning of the book?

Katniss was known as brave and strong, which she could hunt and shoot!

In the hungry games catching fire why did Katniss shoot the coil to the sky at the end?

She shot the arrow because she realized that Beetee meant for her to do it but he couldn't himself. Even though she did not know about the plan for rebellion, her instincts took over.

What is president coin's first name in the hunger games?

*SPOILER ALERT* Katniss is suppose to shoot president snow but at the last second she redirects her arrow to president Coin's neck and shoots. Killing her instantly

Will a bent arrow shoot strait?


In poptropicas Astro Knights where do you shoot the arrow?

You shoot the arrow at the tower to the left then jump on the rope and go in the tower. hope this helps!!

Why does Cato tell Katniss to shoot him?

he was going to die anyways.

An archer uses a bow to shoot what?

An arrow.