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why did james l famer jr go to jail

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Q: Why did James L Farmer Jr get put in jail?
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Where was James L Farmer Jr born?

James L. Farmer Jr was born in in Marshall, Texas in 1920.

What is James L. Farmer Jr.'s birthday?

James L. Farmer Jr. was born on January 12, 1920.

How many kids did James L Farmer Jr have?

James L. Farmer Jr. has 2 kids Tami and Abby

Who was leader of Freedom Riders?

James Leonard Farmer Jr.

What did james l farmer jr accomplish?

James L. Farmer was the initiator and organizer of the 1961 Freedom Ride. He was a civil rights activist.

What are facts about James Farmer Jr?

You did not answer my question so answering yours!

What contributions to society did James Farmer do?

What things did James Farmer do in the contributions and society other than the core and being alongside Martin Luther- King Jr.

Who was a member of the 1935 Wiley College debate team?

James L. Farmer, Jr.

When was James L. Farmer born?

Diabetes mellitus

Did James Earl Ray go to jail for shooting Martin Luther King Jr.?

Yes, James Earl Ray was convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Who was James farmer?

James Leonard Farmer, Jr. (January 12, 1920 - July 9, 1999) was a civil rights activist and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement. He was the initiator and organizer of the 1961 Freedom Ride, which eventually led to the desegregation of inter-state transportation in the United States.

Did James Earl Ray do time in jail after killing Martin Luther King Jr?

Yes, James Earl Ray was convicted of assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. and sentenced to 99 years in prison. He died in prison in 1998.