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Partially because she wanted to reunite Harry with Dobby, whom she had discovered worked there, and also because she wanted them to assist her in getting the house-elves who worked in the kitchen interested in her Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (S.P.E.W). This second motive was unsuccessful however.

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The majority of the time she is trying to make them study or do their homework (by themselves).

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Q: Why did Hermione drag Harry and Ron to the Hogwarts kitchen?
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The book starts with Harry doing his homework by flashlight in the dead of night. After a brief explanation scene to people who didn't read the first two books first, Harry goes down to breakfast and learns from the Dursley that one of the ladies he most despises- his dreaded Aunt Marge- is coming to visit Privet Drive. Things go smoothly until it is time for Marge to leave. She gets drunk the night before her departure and makes the mistake of insulting Harry's dead parents, so he accidentally made her swell up like a hot air balloon and runs away from the Dursleys. While sitting on a wall in nearby Magnolia Crescent, Harry sees a big black dog, and then is almost ran over by the Night Bus, a magical bus known only to wizards and witches. Harry rides on this bus to the Leaky Cauldron- a magical tavern disguised and hidden from muggles- where he meets Cornelius Fudge, the minister of magic. They talk for a while, in which Fudge requests that Harry stays in Diagon Alley, and then Harry is taken to his room. He stays in there for a few weeks, meets up with the Weasleys and Hermione, and then goes to King's Cross Station. While there, he talks to Mr. Weasley about Sirius Black- the Azkaban escapee- and Harry is told that he is looking for him because he blames him for Voldemort's downfall. After Harry gets on the train and finds Ron and Hermione, they go off hunting an empty compartment so that he can tell them what Mr. Weasley told him. They can't find an empty one, so they pick one with only one occupant, who happens to be asleep. Hermione looks at his trunk and tells Harry and Ron that his name is R.J. Lupin, and that he is most likely the new D.A.D.A. teacher. After a while, some Dementors- the soul sucking, hooded guards of Azkaban- come on board the train and search for Sirius Black. One of them comes into Harry, Ron, and Hermione's compartment. Lupin wakes up and send it away with a patronus charm, but not before it knock out Harry. He comes to and they go back on to Hogwarts without any other interference. Nothing else really happens until their first D.A.D.A. class, where Lupin brings a boggart to show to the class. Neville is first up to try to fight it, and when he casts Ridiculus- I think I spelled that right- on it, it turns into Professor Snape with a dress on!:) Afterward, Harry and Ron begin to notice that Hermione seems to disappear at random intervals, and looks extremely tired. They ask her what is going on, but she refuses to tell him anything, so they drop it for a while. Meanwhile, everyone's favorite class has now become D.A.D.A., and the only people who seem to have anything to complain about them is the Slytherins. When they have their first Care of Magical Creatures class- now taught by Hagrid:)- where he teaches them about hippogriffs. A hippogriff named Buckbeak injures Malfoy afterwards because he insults him. Later, everyone is excited about their first Hogsmeade trip except for Harry, who didn't get his permission form signed. When everyone leaves for Hogsmeade, Harry aimessly wanders around the castle until he sees Professor Lupin and goes up to his office with him. They talk about the boggart from the last class, and after a few conversation changes, Lupin promises to show Harry how to cast a patronus charm to ward off a dementor. They are interupted by Professor Snape, who gives Lupin a potion because he has been feeling "a bit off colour." When Harry heads back up to the common room that night with the Griffindors, they find that the fat lady is gone, and that the portrait she stands in has been ripped to pieces. Peeves the Hogwarts Poltergeist tells them that Sirius Black is to blame, and everyone panics. The Professors make the kids sleep in the Great Hall, and search for Black over night. Nothing turns up, and life at Hogwarts goes on. When the Quidditch season begins, the first match is Griffindor vs. Hufflepuff. The Match seems in the bag until some Dementors show up, causing Harry to fall off his broom, Griffindor to lose the match, and Harry's broom to be blown into, and be destroyed, by the Whomping Willow. Christmas blows into Hogwarts, and Harry is in low spirits until he receives a Firebolt- the best racing broom in the world- anonymously. Hermione is concerned when Harry tells her and Ron, and she goes straight to Professor McGonagle, who takes away Harry's Firebolt to search it down for curses and jinxes. Meanwhile, another Hogsmeade trip arises, and this time Harry manages to come along because of a magical map that Fred and George gave him, created by the marauders Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. He goes through a secret passage way depicted on the map and arrives in the cellar of Honeydukes, a magical sweetshop in Hogsmeade. He later overhears that Sirius Black was his godfather and that he betrayed Harry's parents to Voldemort. Harry vowed that night to kill him if he ever found him. About a month later, Harry's Firebolt is returned to him with a clean bill of health, and he pulls off an amazing feet by winning the Quidditch cup for Griffindor by excatly ten points. After excuberent celebrations, Professor McGonagle comes into the common room and tells them to go to bed. She comes back two hours later, thinking that they are celebrating again, but finds that Ron has been attacked by Sirius Black with a knife! Ron was uninjured, though shaken, but was sure that it was Sirius Black. Nothing really happens after that until Ron accuses Hermione's pet cat, Crookshanks, of eating his pet rat, Scabbers. Hermione denies this, saying that Scabbers must have died some other way, but Harry isn't too convinced. Ron and Hermione refuse to speak initially, but are united again when Hagrid tells them that Buckbeak, who had to go to a hearing at the ministry of magic for attacking Malfoy, lost his case and was sentenced to excecution. They go down to comfort him the night of the excecution, and Hermione finds Scabbers hiding in a milk jar. Ron apologizes to Hermione and they leave, just before Fudge, Dumbledore, Macnair, and a member from the Comitee for the Disposal of Magical Creatures arrive at Hagrid's house. Scabbers runs away from Ron, who chases him all the way to the Whomping Willow. The same dog that Harry saw in Magnolia Cresent comes and drags Ron, with Scabbers still in his hand, under the Whomping Willow. Harry and Hermione followed him under, and went through a tunnel until they ended up in the Shrieking Shack, a house just outside of Hogsmeade that became famous for being haunted bacause the residents of Hogsmeade heard screams coming from it at night. They followed the drag marks in the dust on the floor up the stairs, and found Ron on the floor in a spare bedroom. Sirius Black turned out to be an animagus- a person who can turn into an animal at will- and he was the one who dragged him under the Willow. Harry jumped on Sirius and tried to kill him, but Professor Lupin came in and stopped him. He immediatly embraced Black like a brother, and tried to talk to the three of them [Harry, Ron and Hermione], but Hermione reveals to Harry and Ron that Professor Lupin is actually a werewolf, and that he has been trying to help Sirius get into the castle and try to kill Harry. Lupin denies helping Sirus do anything, but admits to being a werewolf. It turns out the Shrieking Shack was built for him to use when he was at school, and that Sirius once played a, er... joke on Snape by telling him that if he wanted to know what Lupin did every month, all he had to do was get under the Whomping Willow and follow the tunnel. When Snape foolishly did so, James followed Snape under the tree to save him. He got Snape out from under there, but he got a glimpse of Lupin, and he had to swear never to tell anyone. After Sirius and Lupin explained this to Harry, Snape came in wearing Harry's invisibility cloak, which he found outside the Whomping Willow, and pulls it off. He ties up Lupin and then tries to take Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Sirius out of the Shrieking Shack at wand-point, but fails when Harry, Ron, and Hermione jinx him at the excact same time and knock him out. Sirius unties Lupin and continues to explain that he and Lupin were two of the four Marauders who wrote the magical map that Harry has, and that their best friend Peter Pettigrew, notSirius, betraid Harry's parents to Voldemort. He was the spy who the Order of the Pheonix- a group formed by Dumbledore to stop Voldemort- was looking for, and it was his fault that Harry's parents were dead. They claim that Scabbers is actually Peter Pettigrew, and prove it by changing him back into a man. This seems to prove everything to Harry; he admits that he believes the two of the with a nod of his head, and Pettigrew begins to grovel for his life. Sirius and Lupin were about to kill him when Harry stepped in, saving Pettigrews life. They went back through the tunnel, but when they got to the exit, they found that the full moon had risen, and Lupin turned into a werewolf. This normaly wouldn't have been a problem, had Lupin not have forgotten to take the potion that makes him safe as a werewolf that night. Sirius launched himself at him as a dog, and in the middle of all the confusion, Pettigrew escaped. Lupin ran deep into the forest, and Sirius, injured, ran toward the lake. Harry and Hermione followed him down there, but Ron was incapacitated when Pettigrew escaped. Harry and Hermione found Sirius by the lake, surrounded by dementors. Harry and Hermione both try to cast the Patronus Charm, but Hermione can't do it and passes out. Harry tries to fight the dementors off but fails, and just when he thinks that they are going to suck out his soul, a shadowy figure comes out of the woods and casts an incredibly strong patronus, warding away the dementors and saving Harry's life. He passes out, and when he wakes up, it's to find that Sirius has been captured, and that the dementors are going to suck out his soul at any minute. Dumbledore comes in and talks to Harry and Hermione, and with the help of her time-turner, she and Harry go back in time. They save Buckbeak, but while they are waiting for Sirius to be taken up to Professor Flitwicks office, Harry goes down to the lake alone, because he thinks the figure that he saw cast the patronus was his father. He waits for a while, but suddenly realizes that it was himself, not his dad, that cast the charm. He immediatly proceeds to do so, sending the dementors away. Hermione comes and find him, and together they fly up to Flitwicks office, and help Sirius escape on Buckbeak. They then went back up to the hospital wing. The rest of the year seems to fly by, (no pun intended.) The dementors leave the Hogwarts grounds because they attempted to perform the Kiss- the way a dementor sucks out our soul- on Harry. Professor Lupin resigns as the defense against the dark arts teacher because Snape let slip that he was a werewolf, and Harry tries to convince him not to leave. He wasn't successful, though, and when he left, Harry had a long conversation with Dumbledore, who tells him, and I quote, " Prongs rode again last night." Finally, when Harry gets back to King's Cross Station and meets up with Uncle Vernon, he tells him that he found out he has a godfather who is a convicted criminal, but conviently forgets to tell him that Sirius is innocent.

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