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If the two sons leave the show, I'll probably stop watching it. I like the inner action between the family,

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2012-02-19 00:52:48
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Q: Why did Duane Lee Chapman leave Dog the Bounty Hunter?
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Did Duane Lee leave Dog the Bounty Hunter?

No just not shown recently

Why is leland leaving dog the bounty hunter?

Well from what I hear that Leland Chapman and Duane Lee Chapman said that Beth Smith Chapman fired them fashion clothing business called Chapbros. But some other say they are leaving because of Chapbros. But they may not leave cause I believe Beth and Dog Chapman have convincd them to stay on the show. So Hopefully they won't leave cause the show wouldn't be that good if they left. (or that could just be me.)

Why did dog the bounty hunter leave Hawaii?

NOT enough action going on in Hawaii

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Yes he did at some point because DuaneLChapman was his twitter name, but now he doesn't have a Twitter account and a Facebook account.

Why did justin bihag leave dog the bounty hunter?

There were a few reasons why he left. He didn't get along with Beth, he wasn't getting paid, he decided bounty hunting wasn't for him and wanted to make a career in modeling.

Why did Youngblood leave Dog Bounty Hunter?

He claims he needed some time off to take care of his kids but he has alot of criminal records

When did the bounty leave England?

The Bounty left England on the 23rd of December 1787

Where does the dog the bounty hunter lives?

He lives in Hawaii and hunts there and once in a while he goes to Colorado to help Bobby Brown with his bonds.

Why did scottie Chapman leave Mythbusters?

She left for unknown reasons but she did leave on good terms.

Why did Duane Mayer leave west coast customs?

He couldn't get along with the crew.

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Jason and John left in 2005 and Hunter left in 2007

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