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It was a slave name

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she believes it’ll distance her from her past :)

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Q: Why did Dee change her name in Everyday use?
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In everyday use by Alice walker what does the name Dee represent to the narrator?

In "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, the name Dee represents a sense of disconnect and misunderstanding between the narrator and her daughter. Dee's name change symbolizes her rejection of her family's heritage and traditions, causing a rift between her and her roots.

Why does Dee change her name in everyday use?

Dee changes her name to Wangero as a way to reject her family's history and heritage, seeking to embrace her African roots. She believes that the name Wangero connects her more closely to her cultural identity and history, distancing herself from the perceived oppression associated with her given name, Dee.

What happened to Dee's boyfriend Jimmy T everyday use?

Dee's boyfriend, Jimmy T, left her for a new girlfriend. Dee mentioned this to her family in Alice Walker's short story "Everyday Use."

Who is the antagonist in Everyday Use by Alice Walker?


What is the characters of everyday use?

the mother conflict with dee's new life

How has dee changed when she arrives to see her family in everyday use?


Who were the characterS in everyday use by Alice walker?

maggie, dee, and mama

Where does mama dream she meets Dee in the book everyday use?

Mama dreams that she meets Dee in the television program, where Dee has changed her name to Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. They are reunited in the dream in a backyard barbecue setting, where Dee wants Mama to call her by her new name. Mama struggles with this as she recalls their strained relationship.

Everyday use what was mama's reaction to dee's demands to be given the objects?

She rips them out of Dee's hands and tosses them into Maggies lap.

According to the narrator of "Everyday Use" how are Maggie and Dee different?

Maggie is timid and shy, but Dee is confident and likes to stand out. (apex) 

Everyday use what heirlooms did dee want that belonged to Maggie?

Two old quilts

at the end of everyday use how are the quilts symbolic of maggies relationship with dee?

they repersent the first time she has ever chosen over dee to get something.