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AnswerThe reason why the "Connected" split wasn't allowed to be said was because of legal reasons. Myles and Connor then gave their side of the story to the Manchester Evening News. Below is a rough outline of what the twins said to the newspaper.

Myles and Connor Ryan did not leave "Connected" but they were not technically kicked out either. Max, Harry and Matt were offered a contract deal to be a band without the twins and they accepted it.

Max, Harry and Matt did not tell Myles and Connor about the record contract but let them find out through the media.

"ReConnected" have not tried to contact Myles and Connor since they left but "Reconnected" insist that they are all still friends.

Answer"ReConnected" now have a single coming out in February. They have been performing at many events but have deliberately made sure that they have as little events as possible in January so they can focus on their single.

Myles and Connor have done some events too, and have been signed to a record label (Playdome Records). Their single will be coming out later this year with an album soon to follow. They plan to start gigging the UK in April.

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Q: Why did Connor and Myles leave Connected?
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When is connor Ryan from connected's birthday?

Myles and Connor's birthdays are on the 19th October and they are 15 this year

Are myles Ryan and connor Ryan twins?

Yes, Myles and Connor are twins.

Why did connor an myles leave connected?

They haven't left, they were "kicked out". No official reason was given, but the other 3 formed their own band, and say that they are still friends with the twins, but they aren't in contact.

How tall is myles ryan from myles and connor?

I don't know the exact height, but Connor is slightly taller than Myles.

When are connected bringing out a album?

Connected has split, to form ReConnected (Harry, Max and Matt) and Myles & Connor. I don't really know the exact date, but hopefully soon.

What are the names of the people in connected on Britain's got talent?

Myles Ryan Connor Ryan Harry Mondryk Max Mondryk Matt Fitzgerald

What are the boys names in Britain's got talent connected called?

They are: Max Mondryk, Harry Mondryk, twins Myles and Connor Ryan and Matthew 'Matt' Fitzgerald.

What are connected names of Britain's Got Talent?

They are: Harry Mondryk ♥ Max Mondryk Twins Myles ♥ and Connor Ryan and Matthew "Matt" Fitlzgerald

What are the most popular twin names?

Connor and Myles Faith and Hope

What is myles Ryans from connected middle name?

Antony: Myles Antony Ryan

What are the names of bgt conected boys?

The original members were Harry Mondryk, Max Mondryk, Matt Fitzgerald, Myles Ryan and Connor Ryan. Connected have split now into the twins and the new band Reconnected (Harry, Max and Matt).

How old is Connor from the band Connected?