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I think Victoria got tired of being second best. His job was more important than

placing priority on Victoria. In a way he's right and in a way he's not. But it was better for them to find out now then later when they got married... I tripped out on him when I saw him put each of his belongings in plastic bags (even toilet paper) every time he went on vacation.

You can tell he's very picky , maybe slightly spoiled. But he's still is a sweet and kind person. To each his own. But I think Victoria was looking for a different kind

of relationship , she gave it a try , it just didn't work out. Well, at least they parted in a good way and each have 50% custody of little Starlett.....

The best wishes to both of them....


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Because he is clueless and is more concerned with his hair than the signs that his girlfriend is feeling neglected. Enough said.

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No. They broke up in April of 2010

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Q: Why did Chad Rogers and Victoria Salisbury split?
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