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Because Bilbo wanted to sneak away from the camp to go see the Dale men, and he wanted to do it in secret.

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2010-01-29 12:44:51
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Q: Why did Bilbo offer to take Bombur's watch?
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In 'The Hobbit' how does Bilbo leave the Lonely Mountain without being caught?

Bilbo offered to take Bombur's turn keeping watch, and when Bombur was in bed, Bilbo slipped on his ring, thus becoming invisible, and quietly climbed down a rope that he tied.

What stone did Bilbo take?

Bilbo took the Arkenstone. It was the treasure Thorin desired most.

What piece of treasure does Bilbo take for himself?

Bilbo finds and keeps a gem called Arkenstone.

What treasure does Bilbo take from the dragon and why?

Bilbo takes a golden goblet to prove to Thorin Oakensheid that he is a burglar.

Who goes partway down the tunnel with Bilbo and what does Bilbo take from the hoard?

Balin goes part of the way down the tunnel with Bilbo, and Bilbo takes one single golden goblet from Smaug’s immense hoards.

What does Bilbo take from the hoard?

Biblo 'borrows' the Arkenstone.

What does Bilbo take from the mound of treasure?

a golden cup

In 'The Hobbit' what path did Bilbo take home?

Bilbo travels with Gandalf and Beorn to the long north pass around Mirkwood. Then they stay at Beorn's house for the winter. Then Gandalf and Bilbo travel to Rivendell, there Bilbo gets medical attention. Then Gandalf and Bilbo travel the long way to the Hobbit lands.

What are Bilbo's final words to Smaug?

Bilbo's final words to Smaug were, "Ponies take some catching and so do burglars." This was bad, because it reflected how overly confident Bilbo was feeling at that moment.

What does Gollum intend to do to Bilbo and why does Bilbo feel different towards Gollum than the goblins or trolls?

if Bilbo loses the riddles contest Gollum intended to eat him and take back "his precious" or the ring. Bilbo feels pitiful about Gollum whereas the goblins and trolls want him dead

What does Bilbo take from Smaug's hoard?

A gold two-handled cup.

Why had Gandalf marked Bilbo's door?

To deceive Thorin and the other dwarves into thinking that Bilbo was a professional burglar (and was advertising as such), so that they would take him along on their adventure.

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