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Chicago Press: Thanks to the internet blogs, your split with Benjamin - which at times became nasty - was on public display. What happened?

Ethan Reyonolds: You would have to ask him. But without speaking for him I can say, he decided he wanted to go down a different path. Once he had everything the way he thought would work in his favor, he ended things with me. If you noticed, I never had anything to say about the breakup and just ignored the rumors. Most people figured out things on their own. They used to email me and voice their support but I was in shock for a while. The whole thing was a surprise to me. We had just moved into a dream house! But life goes on and I do wish him the best. I can not dwell on the things he has done to me. Plus, I have been told that he has returned to the stuff he was doing before we started modeling together.

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Q: Why did Benjamin bradley and Ethan Reynolds break up?
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