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He wanted to save Rachel, he clearly says he's going after her when Gordon asks. Then Gordon says to his men to go to 250 52nd street, where they think Harvey is. Therefore Gordon and his men go to where they think Harvey is, and Batman goes to where he thinks Rachel is. Therefore, the only logical explanation to why Batman appears where Harvey is is that the Joker knew that Batman would choose to go after Rachel, so he switched the two places. He lied. So that in the end, both Batman and Harvey are messed. This is never explicitly said in the movie I don't think, it just takes rewatching that scene a few times.

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Q: Why did Batman Choose Harvey instead of Rachel?
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In The Dark Knight does the Joker lie to Batman on the where abouts he has captured Rachel and Harvey Dent Batman tells the police he is going to save Rachel but arrives at Harvey Dents rescue.?

yeas he thought that batman would go after rachel. so he said that Harvey was at 200 50 52nd street and rachel was at avenue x at cicero.

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