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Q: Why did Alice lon leave the lawerence welk show?
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Why did Cissy King leave Lawrence Welk Show?

Cissy and Welk had some kind of a disagreement, supposedly about money. It was sad because her and Bobby were great partners.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lawrence Welk Show - 1951?

The cast of Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music - 1950 includes: Helen Ramsay as Helen Ramsay - Singer Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra as Orchestra Lawrence Welk as Lawrence Welk - Band Leader Roy Woldum as Roy Woldum - Singer

Who are the famous people in North Dakota?

Lawerence Welk. Angie Dickinson. Louis L'Amour. Peggy Lee. Warren Christopher.

When was The Lawrence Welk Show created?

The Lawrence Welk Show was created on 1955-07-02.

Where can one find a Lawrence Welk show?

search welk show with your city for PBS stations in your area.

Did Lawrence Welk say wonderful wonderful wonderful?

Yes, Lawrence Welk was known for frequently saying "wonderful, wonderful, wonderful" on his musical variety TV show "The Lawrence Welk Show."

What are the release dates for The Lawrence Welk Show - 1951?

The Lawrence Welk Show - 1951 was released on: USA: 1951 (Los Angeles, California)

Was Larry ferrari ever on the lawrance welk show?

Yes. He appeared on the Welk show sometime in the late fifties early sixties. when the show was broadcast in black & white.

List of Lawrence Welk's cast and who has died?

The Lawrence Welk show had a large cast with musicians, singers, and dancers. A short list of cast members who have died would include Lawrence Welk, his musical director, George Cates, singer Natalie Nevins, singer Joe Feeney, singer Jimmy Roberts, Champagne Ladies Nora Zimmer and Alice Lon, and many band members.

Who was the band leader with a show on PBS?

Lawrence Welk

Were Osmond brothers on Lawrence Welk show?


Why did Andra Willis leave the Lawrence Welk show?

I remember reading in the newspaper that the Welk gang was set to fly to an engagement and everybody was to meet on time to board the plane. Natalie was late and they took off without her and Welk as I understand was very livid. He always stress being on time. It also mentioned that Natalie tried a apology and baked Welk his favorite, blueberry pie. Welk wouldn't never acknowledge her.