Why are you going to travel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to have an adventure! and to experience a different lifestyle, different environment and different culture.

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Q: Why are you going to travel?
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What direction would you travel in going from Europe to Australia?

you would have to travel northwest.

Do you have to have a travel allowence to travel to the US?

Yes of course. You will going to need a travel allowance.

What is 'travel' in Dutch?

Reizen means 'to travel'. The phrase 'Ik ga op reis' means 'I am going to travel'.

What is a Travel information center?

a center for travel were you can know were you are going and were you can go at a certain time.

How did the US travel to the moon?

by going in rocket

How far does a fly travel?

It depends where you are going.

How can you get out of going on an airplane?

travel by train/ship.

What you are going to do when Travel moves?

Break up

How did hormones travel from pancreas to your liver?

hormones travel from pancreas going to your stomach passes to your liver

What do you need to travel on airplane outside the US?

You need a passport if you are going to travel outside of the country.

What direction would you travel if you were going from the Antarctica to the equator?

You would travel north to accomplish this trip.

How are you going to travel to Birmingham?

by plane from london heathrow