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because its junior prom

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Q: Why are Bella and Edward attending prom in Twilight when they dont graduate high school until Eclipse?
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In Twilight Saga Eclipse who does Bella choose?


Does Bella and Edward be together in Twilight Saga Eclipse?


In breaking dawn where does edward go after graduation and why?

They don't graduate in Breaking Dawn...they graduate in Eclipse.

What is the ending of Twilight saga eclipse?

In the end of Twilight: Eclipse, Bella decides that she finally wants to tell her father (charlie) about her engagement to Edward.

How does Victoria in twilight die?

Victoria doesn't die in Twilight she dies in Eclipse where Edward beheads her

Who is going to be Edward in eclipse?

Robert Pattinson has signed a contract, in which he agreed to play Edward Cullen for the movies Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

When does edward tells Bella he is a virgin?

edward tells Bella he is a virgin in the twilight book eclipse.

How old is Edward Cullen in breaking dawn?

In breaking dawn Edward is 112And if you know how old he is in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse........In Twilight Edward is 109In New Moon Edward is 110In Eclipse Edward is 111I hope you are now satisfied

Is Edward Cullen in eclipse?

yes. he's in everyhing related to twilight

Which book does edward write the message be safe?

it was in two of the books it was in eclipse and breaking dawnIt was in Twilight, Edward leaves it in her truck when he has to go hunting.

Who killed Victoria?

If this is about the Twilight saga then Edward did in Eclipse (book 3)

Is Victoria going to die in twilight new moon?

No, Edward Kills her in Eclipse.