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her contract ran out the last we see of nav is her releasing lancelot her clown fish. it's not know whether she left the navy altogether after the death of ET or just simply transferred to a new ship

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Q: Why and how did Saskia Burmeister leave Sea Patrol?
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Why did jay ryan leave sea patrol?

Billy Webb (Spider) leaves Sea Patrol because he got a new posting on another warship. Spider is last seen in Sea Patrol in the last episode of season 3. Along with 2 other actors/actress (Nav & Buffer) leave Sea Patrol at the end of season 3. I don't think that Sea Patrol will do very well after the loss of 3 excellent actors.

Why did Jay Ryan quit Sea Patrol after season 3?

All the actors were given the option to stay or leave at the end of season 3. Ryan chose to leave the show.

Where can you watch sea patrol online?

Sea Patrol Season 4 New Cast?

i know one of the new cast of Sea Patrol, however he will only be in the last four episodes of season 4 and maybe season five, but i only have his word for it that he got the part. however i think he wishes to stay anonomous until he starts filming and his part is fully confirmed etc. There will be 4 new characters in season 4, PO Bosun Peter Tomaszewski (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) will be replaced by PO Bosun Dylan Mulholland (Conrad Coleby), Seaman Bosuns Mate Billy Webb (Jay Ryan) will be replaced by Seaman Jessica Bird (Danielle Horvat), Commander Steve Marshall (Steve Bisley) will be replaced by Commander Maxine White (Tammy McIntosh) and Lieutenant Nikki Caetano (Saskia Burmeister) will also be replaced.

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Saskia Burmeister has: Played Tegan Callahan in "Home and Away" in 1988. Played herself in "Good Morning Australia" in 1993. Played Ashley Barker in "Blue Heelers" in 1994. Played Victoria St. Clair in "Water Rats" in 1996. Played Joyce in "The Junction Boys" in 2002. Played Jane Jones in "Ned Kelly" in 2003. Played Chloe in "Thunderstruck" in 2004. Played Dina Demiris (2003-2004) in "Wicked Science" in 2004. Played Dina Demiris in "Wicked Science" in 2004. Played Erica Yurken in "Hating Alison Ashley" in 2005. Played Sally in "The Glenmoore Job" in 2005. Played Rivka in "Jewboy" in 2005. Played Vanya in "The Jammed" in 2007. Played Pirate Lily in "Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji" in 2007. Played Lieutenant Nikki Caetano in "Sea Patrol" in 2007. Played Ida Maddocks in "Underbelly" in 2008. Played Chloe in "Kind of Man" in 2009. Played Annie Griffin in "Rescue Special Ops" in 2009. Performed in "Rampage" in 2010. Performed in "First Howl" in 2010. Played Jenna in "Cold Sore" in 2010. Played Zoe Platt in "Tricky Business" in 2012. Played Celeste in "Min Min" in 2012.

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