Why Parker pen are expensive?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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For no reason at all. It is just an expensive brand. Some of the extremely expensive Parker pens are expensive for the material they use to make them. For instance, an expensive might be gold-plated to make it worth more.

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because katelyn held them in her hand!!

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Q: Why Parker pen are expensive?
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What is the most expensive brand of pen?

Diamanté or Parker

What is the difference between a Parker centennial and international pen?

parker is a device which is totally made from stainless steel. Parker pen Works very smooth. parker pen grip is better than other pen.

Which fountain pen models does the Parker Pen Company have in production?

Parker Pen is currently producing the Parker Fountain Pens models Duofold, Premier, Sonnet, Parker Vector, and Jotter. They also have their Parker Pen "Pelikan 400" for sale on their website.

When was Parker Pen Company created?

Parker Pen Company was created in 1888.

What company produces the Parker Jotter?

The Jotter pen is made by the Parker Pen Company. The Jotter was Parker's first retracting refillable ballpoint pen. The company has sold over 750 million of the pens since 1954.

What are the First Ballpoint pen in the Philippines?

parker, ni ball pen

What is the best Parker pen in the world?

parker of 15 million and it is of pure gold

Where can one purchase a Parker pen set?

One can purchase a Parker pen set from the following retailers: Amazon, Webster's Pen Shop, Executive Pens, eBay, Distinctly British, Pen Heaven, House of Fraser, Executive Pen Direct.

When was the Parker 51 fountain pen first introduced?

The Parker 51 fountain pen or first year pen was first introduced in late 1940 to 1941. Advertising at the time called it "The World's Most Wanted Pen".

What is the Minimum price of Parker pen?


Price for pencils at Walmart?

it is free with Parker pen

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hi i am rayed \ the best pen in the world is cello,Parker and Reynolds