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Anna Brittany Lina Amy

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Q: Why Did Anna Nicole Smith Like Larry Birkhead?
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Who is the real father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby?

DNA tests proved that Larry Birkhead, Anna Nicole Smith's former boyfriend, is the father of her baby daughter, Dannielynn.

Is the house that Larry Birkhead moved into the same house used for filming The Anna Nicole Show?

yes because they showed the house on tv and Anna Nicole smith was playing as the house she lived in

Did Anna Nicole smith have any kids?

Anna Nicole Smith has 2 children. There names are Daniel and Danilynn. Daniel is deceased. He died of a drug overdose in 2004. Danilynn is 4 and is currently living with her father Larry Birkhead. Anna Nicole Smith is also deceased. She died of a drug overdose 3 years ago.

Is Anna Nicole smith dead?

Anna Nicole smith is dead

Who is the Girl in 38 special video fantasy girl?

The show stealer was Anna , the other was Tawny Kitan .

Did Anna Nicole smith's daughter inherit wealth?

Anna Nicole's daughter didn't inherit "wealth." Ms. Smith was not a millionaire when she died. In fact, she had huge debts and unpaid bills, she was BANKRUPT. Ms. Smith's Estate did not get money from Pierce Marshall Estate, sole inheritor of the Howard Marshall Sr. Father of Anna's child Birkhead sold pictures to tabloids and raked in more than $2M.

What did Anna Nicole Smith die from?

Anna Nicole Smith died from a drug overdose.

What is Anna Nicole Smith's birthday?

Anna Nicole Smith was born on November 28, 1967.

Did Anna Nicole smith die?

Yes Anna Nicole Smith Died Of An Drug Overdose

What is the duration of The Anna Nicole Smith Story?

The duration of The Anna Nicole Smith Story is 1.45 hours.

How do you spell Anna Nicole?

well it is spelled right Anna Nicole Smith

What is the birth name of Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith's birth name is Vickie Lynn Hogan.