why do people pretend to be a celebrity?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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to get famous

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Q: Why do people pretend to be a celebrity?
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How could you date a celebrity?

show them the real you dont try to pretend to be something your not and get to know them for them not just some celebrity

Are there Emma Watson fakes?

Often when a celebrity reaches a certain level of fame regular people will pretend to be them on the internet. These people are known as posers or impostors and they try to convince people that they are indeed the said celebrity. Yes, there are some Emma Watson posers on the internet.

What is the meaning of online identity?

An online identity is usually some sort of anonymous personality that someone has when they are on the internet. Sometimes people do it for fun, sometimes people will troll (this means to annoy others constantly), to bully others, and for some odd reason pretend they are a celebrity.

What is a sentence with the word pretend?

I pretend to be interested in the conversation.I couldn't help but pretend to be happy for him.My daughter likes to play dress-up and pretend to be a doctor.

How do form sentence of pretend?

People sometimes pretend they are cool but to say the truth, they are not cool.

Why do people pretend they have accepted gay people?

People fear what they don't know or what is different, so they pretend to accept them, so they fit in and don't look different

Why build a gym near houses?

for relly fat people who want to pretend there fit for relly fat people who want to pretend there fit

How do you edit a pic to make it look like you're a celebrity?

Have some skills with a photo manipulation program, and then use those skills in such a way as to make you look "celebrity-like". It might be easier to just dress up, get some people to pretend to wave autograph books at you and other people to pose as if they were photographers trying to snap a picture, walk down a red carpet somewhere, and have someone take your picture.

How do you become friends with famous people on facebook?

First you gotta find the person (remember, people pretend they're celebrities so not everyone is who they say they are. 99.99% of "celebrity" facebooks aren't the celebrities. because, there is only one of that person. Then, like everyone else, send a friend request.

Are all people gay?

Yes, all gay people are gay. It's not something people pretend to be.

What do you do if someone makes fun of you?

Ignore them and pretend you dont hear them and just pretend they aren't there. Then the people who make fun of other people will know that it doesnt bother you.

What are skin actors?

People who jump into your skin and pretend to be you. They're like normal actors playing a role, but they pretend to be you. Then, after they get bored, they jump into someone else's skin and pretend to be them and so on