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Q: Whose theme song I'll be seeing you?
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What was the name of the song Allie played on the piano in the movie The Notebook?

I'll be seeing you was written in 1937 by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal. It was on the Notebook's soundtrack. Other songs are Alabamy Home, Sonata No. 19, Opus One, Where and When, Always and Always, and House Blues.

Where can you find shanon Moore's WWE theme song on i tunes?

just put- (ill do anything)

What is Shannon Moore's Entrance theme?

his entrance song is called ill do anything by peroxwhy?gen

Whats the name of the song that talks about summer and wishing wells and its an older song probably country or not and its a softer song sung by a man the intro might be a piano?

my best guess is the song "I'll be seeing you" by Sammy fain and irving kahal. it mentions wishing wells and summer.. it's from the 30's and has been recorded a lot so probobly one of the versions is a softer countryish version with a paino into. these are the lyrics Ill be seeing you; In all the old, familiar places; That this heart of mine embraces; All day through. In that small cafe; The park across the way; The childrens carousel; The chestnut tree; The wishing well. Ill be seeing you; In every lovely, summers day; And everything that's bright and gay; Ill always think of you that way; Ill find you in the morning sun; And when the night is new; Ill be looking at the moon; But Ill be seeing you. theres a wiki page for this song too

What would be the theme song to the True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle?

probably ill make a man out of yo learn to be a man you by: Mulan

Who Sings the the friends theme tune?

The Rembrandts - Ill Be There For You click this link to listen to song in full

What verse comes next in the song by The Beatles song Close What if your Eyes and Ill Kiss You?

Tomorrow, Ill miss you, Remember, Ill always be true

What song is on screenvision?

Ill be there

Who played slide guitar on Simon and Simon theme song?

Joeseph Conlan was supposedly the composer although Barry De Vorzon did a few episodes - Ill be Joeseph would know

What song has the line ill be your flying soldier?

the line is actually ill be your crying shoulder and the song is I'll be by the googoo dolls

Is the song ill take you home kathleen a scottish or Irish song?

this is an Irish song

What were the soldiers in pearl harbor seeing that made them ill?

They saw burning bodies