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Shahid kapoor belongs to the punjabi religion . He is a well know actor in bollywood. His last movie name was haider.

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Q: Whose reliegen of shahid kapur
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How much does Shahid Kapur weigh?

may be 50 kg

Who are some Bollywood vegetarians?

Amitab Bachan Shahid Kapur

Which Indian actors and actresses r Muslim?

shahid kapur

Is Shahid Kapur coming to Kanpur?

No shahid kapoor is not going to kanpur. He is busy nowadays shooting for his upcoming movies. he is a very classy actor.

Who is shahid kapur's girl friend?

Shahid kapoor is single as of now . He is not having any girlfriend. He is a really nice person with nice attitude in his life.

What is the size of shahid kapur biceps?

15 inches without pump. 16 inches with pump

Is shahid kapur dating with anybody?

No shahid kapoor is not dating anybody nowadays. He is single and is looking for a life partner. He is a very cool actor and latest movie was HAIDER.

Where did shahid kapur live?

Shahid kapoor lives in mumbai. He is having his house in bandra area of mumbai. Many fans come to meet him there and he also greets them by waving his hand.

Who plays shahid Kapoor's sister in badmaash company?

sanna kapur is shahid's step-sister & RUHAAN kapoor is Shahid's step-brother

Where is shahid kapur house in Mumbai?

Shahid Kapoor lives in Andheri east. His house is Raj Classic Building in Mumbai. The name of the state is Maharashtra.

Which religion of shahid Kapoor?

Shahid Kapoor's dad is a Hindu (Pankaj Kapoor) and his mom is a Muslim (Neelima Azim).SO he is a half Muslim half Hindu. Hindu-Muslim

Shahid Kapoor's surname was kattar before?

No, his surname was not Khattar. His name has been Kapoor ever since. He is the son of Pankaj Kapoor, the TV guy.