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He broke Joe Theisman's leg

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Q: Whose leg did Lawrence Taylor break?
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Who broke Joe Theisman's leg and ended his career?

Lawrence Taylor

When did joe Montana break his leg?

On November 18, 1985, Joe Theismann suffered a career ending injury, when he broke his leg while being sacked by New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

Has Justin bieber broken any bones?

Yes. He broke his leg while on tour with Taylor Swift. Taylor said for him to break a leg and he literally did.

Why are people saying that Taylor Swift told him to break his leg?

nobody is saying that

When did Sarah Chalke break her leg?

Taylor Swift has no signs of a broken foot. But Justin Bieber did break his foot during a Taylor Swift Concert he was invited to.

What is wrong with Justin bieber's right leg?

he fracturd his foot . he was with Taylor swift and she told him to break a leg but he "broke" his foot instead.

What did Justin Bieber brake when he was dancing on a stage?

Justin Bieber broke his leg when he was on stage Taylor Swift was there and said break a ''LEG''

How did justin bieber breack his lag?

Well he broke his leg on stage after backstage Taylor Swift Said To Him "Good Luck, Break a leg!" Then after that he fell off stage then he got back up on stage and finished the song and went backstage again and said he had broke his foot and since Taylor Swift Said "Break a leg" He kind of did and told Taylor that he normally does on stage what Taylor says to him backstage. :)

What did Justin Bieber break while singing on stage with Taylor Swift?

Justin Bieber broke his leg while singing with Taylor Swift. :(

How did Justin biebier get hurt?

Taylor swift told him to"break a leg" and he did in the middle of a song ... AND FINISHED THE SONG!

Who broke Joe Theisman's leg?

Joe Theismann's leg was broken when he was sacked by Lawrence Taylor on Monday Night Football. This took place on November 18, 1985 and ended Theismann's career.

How did Justin Bieber break his leg in 2010?

he didn't. he broke his foot when he tripped on stage at a concert with Taylor Swift