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The Pet shop boys in the early eighties

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Q: Who wrote you were always on my mind in what year?
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What does it mean when ex husband wrote always thinking of you?

It means he misses you and you are always on his mind. He wants to get back together with you and he regrets braking up with you

Who wrote the book called Out of My Mind?

There are a number of books called Out of My Mind. The most recent, by Sharon Draper, was released in 2010. It is about an eleven-year-old named Melody.

Who wrote gentle on my mind?

John Hartford wrote the song "Gentle on my Mind".

Do you use you were or are always in my mind?

It depends. If somebody was previously someone you used to always think of, it is "were". If you still always think of them, use "are" "You are always on my mind." This means he/she is still on your mind. "You were always on my mind." This means he/she is not on your mind any more.

The pet shop boys always on your mind reached no 1 in which year?

It was the UK Christmas #1 in 1987.

What hymns did John Milton wrote and how many?

John Milton wrote the hymn "Let Us With a Gladsome Mind" and "Let Us With a Gladsome Mind." He wrote a total of 19 hymns.

When was Always on My Mind created?

Always on My Mind was created on 1987-11-30.

Who wrote the porcelain unicorn?

Me, I did it. Is your mind blown?

Who wrote The Phenomenology of Mind?

J.N. Findlay

What female wrote the book The Animal Mind in the year of 1908?

Margaret Floy Washburn, who was a prominent American psychologist, wrote the book "The Animal Mind" in 1908. She was the first woman to receive a PhD in psychology and made significant contributions to the field, particularly in comparative psychology.

What does siempre estan en mi mente mean in English?

"They are always on my mind."

When was Always on My Mind - album - created?

Always on My Mind - album - was created in 1982-02.