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Think it's Benny Andersson.

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Q: Who wrote the song i have a dream from tangled?
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What if your a dream your a dream your a dream who sings this song?

the everly brothers wrote a song called "all i have to do is dream" is that what your looking for?

What sort of song was Tangled in the Blue?

Bob Dylan wrote the song Tangled Up in the Blue. The genre for this song was Rock Folk music. Much of Dylan's work shares this same genre and style.

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When was Tangled in Dream created?

Tangled in Dream was created on 2000-12-12.

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Dream Theater

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the dream

Is Led Zepplin's Dream On the same song as Aerosmith's Dream On?

Aerosmith wrote the song,but led zepplin might sing it too

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it was wrote by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus

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No Dream wrote it