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T. Bone Walker

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The Coasters

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Q: Who wrote the song down home girl?
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Who wrote the lyrics for the song Forever Your Girl?

Paula Abdul wrote the lyrics to the song Forever Your Girl in 1988.

Who wrote the song girl fun on dance moms?

Girl Fun is a song by Nikko Lowe.

Who wrote the song down under?

Colin Hay & Ron Strykert of Men at Work wrote the song "Down Under"

Who is the girl who wrote the song diva?

beyonce the person that wrote the song "DIVA".

Who wrote the song take you home country road?

The Person Who Wrote The Song Take you Home Country Road Was John Denver!!

Who is the song down to earth about?

The song "Down to Earth" Justin wrote about his parent's divorce.

Would a guy like it if a girl wrote a song for them?


Who wrote the song Bullet Proof?

A girl not A boy.

Who wrote the song mysterious girl?

glenn goldsmith

Who wrote the song beautiful girl?

Sean Kingston

What Jonas first song?

Mandy was the first song that they wrote. the song was about a girl who joe was dating.

Did justin write the song latin girl for Selena Gomez?

YES he did write it for SELENA GOMEZ because she is Latin and she is he's Latin girl, aw how sweet is that, she wrote a song for him ( love you like a love song) and he wrote a song for her (my Latin girl) but you do noJUSTIN BIEBER doesn't write his song himself he only wrote 2 songs or 1 song...... JUST SAYING!