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Korn == ==

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Q: Who wrote the song Twisted Transistor?
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What does the song twisted transister by korn mean?

Twisted transistor in the song, is a dildo

What song has transistor in the lyrics?

Twisted Transistor by KoRn album: untitled

From what album did the song 'Twisted Transistor' came from?

The song "Twisted Transistor" is a song recorded by a band named American nu metal by Korn and the Matrix from Korn's studio album titled "See you on the other side". This is his 7th album.

When was Twisted Transistor by Korn released?

Twisted Transistor is a song which was written and recorded by Korn. This was released as the first single on the album 'See You on the Other side' which were both released in 2005.

When was Twisted Transistor created?

Twisted Transistor was created on 2005-09-27.

Who wrote the song twisted over you?

Keith Sweat

What song includes the words transistor radio in it?

Here are some songs with transistor radio in the title and there are probably many more: Transistor Sister by Freddy Cannon Twisted Transistor by Korn Transistor Radio ... three songs by Cloud Cult, Jaya the Cat, and The Methadones Tiny Blue Transistor Radio by Connie Smith

When was Transistor Radio - song - created?

Transistor Radio - song - was created in 1961.

Who wrote the song you want to rock by twisted sister?

twisted sister u genius I think Dee does most (if not all) the writing for them.

Was Snoop Dogg in the music video Twisted Transistor by Korn?

Yes, he played Munky

Who wrote Twisted?

Charles Dickens wrote this book in 1837.

When was Hot Love - Twisted Sister song - created?

Hot Love - Twisted Sister song - was created in 1987.

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